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PREX- Yes it help you to organize your school

You need school management system may or may not but if you are looking for it, then why PREX

We enables ample of feature but listing few of key one

  • Automate everything
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Get access to all the generic features
  • All the way customization
  • Flexible Pricing means Pay if you use

Optimized | Powerful | Simple | Unlimited License

Modern Technologies

We are up and running all the time and deployment goes on the fly with scalable infra so end user never get disturb at any point of time.

Feature Range

A wide range of feature and modules available which is used daily in school like Fees, Document, Exam, Inventory Management and many more.

Reports and Charts

Extensive report and chart generation to analyze your data in different aspects. A great insight for admin to understand the growth of school.

Online Exams

We also provide in build examination system (KIWI) which you can enable via admin panel. This feature resolve end to end examination problem.

We do care for you, feature on-the-way

Language support

Currently we are supporting only 2 languages but in plan next quarter we will be enabling in another 10 local languages.

Custom URL

Soon we will be giving you an option to add your own URL for you school by just giving simple inputs, like

Multischool Solution

Oh, you are doing good and you have multiple school, we building solution which take cares of multilevel hierarchy school system

Exclusive Video Tutorials

We are working on generic content so student can access and learning exciting stuff outside the syllabus but helpful for career